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A Brief Explanation on Types of Solar Power Plant

Any solar power plant works on the basics of solar energy. But there are various types of solar power plants. If you want to switch to Solar but are skeptical about which type you should invest in, we are here to help you. There are three types of solar power plants. These types are determined based on their functioning though the technology used in each is the same. The following are the types of solar power plants;

On-grid Solar Power Plant

The on-grid solar power plant, as the name suggests, is connected to the grid. It is the most commonly installed solar power plant used by residential and commercial and industrial consumers. An on-grid power plant does not require solar battery. As it is connected to the grid, the extra energy hence produced goes to the grid. This extra energy is measured through a utility meter and these units are deducted from your electricity bill or paid depending upon the state laws you reside in. This whole process is known as net metering. Ongrid Solar System When you get lower generation through your panels, you can take electricity from the grid and the credits you saved earlier will benefit you now. This power plant requires lowest maintenance and is cheaper than the other two. Plus, it has a higher efficiency rate as it is connected to the grid and it can be upgraded to a hybrid power plant if needed later.

Off-grid Solar Power Plant

The off-grid solar power plant works as an independent source of electricity. This solar power plant consists of an external battery that stores the extra energy. This means you must get a battery with enough capacity to meet your requirements. The off-grid power plant does not connect to the grid. Hence, you cannot get net-metering benefits through this power plant. But, the best part about getting an off-grid solar power plant is zero to minimal power cuts. Offgrid Solar System Due to the high cost of batteries, the off-grid solar power plant is quite expensive. This power plant is the most suitable for people living in remote areas. It also works well in areas that have regular power shortages from the grid. The backup battery power comes in handy at such areas. Plus, the off-grid solar power plant is also suitable for locations having low sunlight.

Hybrid Solar Power Plant

The hybrid solar power plant works as an amalgamation of on-grid as well as off-grid solar power plants. This means your solar power plant consists of a grid connection along with a battery bank. This power plant comprises a different inverter. The inverter first diverts power to the battery and home appliances. Once the battery is fully charged, then if there is any extra energy, it is sent to the grid. Offgrid Solar System This power plant is more applicable in areas where they have inconsistent grid supply as this system will generate power even when the grid is not working. Once after installing this power plant, you need not worry about any power blackouts as you rely on two sources for supply. Yet, if you're skeptical about any of these and require detailed technical information regarding it, Pixon can help you further to decide which solution will be the best for you. We offer free technical consultation. Pixon provides you with all three solutions!