Who We Are

Pixon is a venture of the Marwadi Group of companies. It manifests into solar products and solar solutions.

Solar Module


EVA Films

Utility Scale


The company is equipped with the state-of-art technology and completely automated machinery of 400 MW line capacity. This production capacity makes Pixon stand amongst the top 10 solar manufacturers of the Indian market.

Pixon shall also be a hub to manufacture module raw materials like EVA Film and Backsheets. Backed with strong technical support and background, the company’s scope involves both forward integration and reverse engineering of the solar products and manufacturing processes.

In parallel, the company is also backed with a strong financial background of its parent company – the Marwadi Shares & Finance Limited. The blend of a young team, under guidance of experienced players, makes Pixon versatile for creative operations and futuristic innovations. The backbone of the company’s conduct and goodwill is – Quality and Integrity. The other core values that showcase the company and its culture are: Transparency, Accountability, Consistency and Innovation.

As the world adheres to the solar energy revolution, Pixon envisions to globally provide efficient solar energy products and solutions. Thus, contribute and enhance the Global Climate Sustainability.

Industrial Infrastructure

Amongst India’s top 10 Solar Panel Manufacturers.

  • Industry spread on 65000 sq. m of land.
  • Fully – Automated Machinery avoiding the human intervention.
  • In-house Raw Material Production for quality control.
  • In-house skilled R&D team.
  • Spacious warehousing stacking 50 MW+ of modules & raw materials.
  • Smart warehousing ready for delivery & dispatch.

Advanced Manufacturing


First in India to have 300 MW of fully automatic manufacturing line.


Well equipped data analysis for Forward Integration and Reverse Engineering tracking of any product.

Aritificial Intelligence

Advanced MES that provides production, quality and timer data with stringent Quality Control Systems integrated in the manufacturing line.


To be a global leader in Solar Industry by providing efficient Solar Energy Solutions.



To contribute and enhance the Global Climate Sustainability, by promoting and providing solar energy solutions.

To promote transition towards solar energy and thus reduce carbon footprint globally, fostering the betterment of our Earth’s ecosystem.

To constantly improvise and explore new technologies and their economical deployment to harness solar energy.

Our Core Values

Our Values

Our Core values revolve around Quality and Integrity.
Quality & Integrity

We do the righteous, even when not monitored. Quality and not quantity defines us. We believe that at the end of the day, we would be known by the quality we provide.


Success is a by-product of hard work. But only when you work hard consistently, is when you can achieve success.


We welcome new ideas and foster creativity into our system. Be it our technology, work culture, or processes; we understand the need of innovation to keep consistent prowess.

Our multi-disciplinary team showcases our belief of growth with innovations.


We are proud of what we do. We take responsibility for what we do.

We understand that we grow only by taking accountability for our actions.


What we think is what we say. What we say is what we do. We keep transparency in our thoughts, words and actions.

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