Essential packing component of Solar Modules.

Backsheets are the essential component of a Solar module, meant to provide electrical insulation. In addition, Backsheets prevent the solar module degradation against environmental influences like UV radiation, moisture, Temperature fluctuations, micro-particles(like sand or salt-mist), corrosive gases, etc. PIXON Backsheets also provide high adhesion strength to all types of encapsulants. They are compatible with all standard encapsulants and higher light-transmission EVA films.

The Major Highlights Of PIXON Backsheets Are

  • Good reflection for high yield
  • Electrical insulation upto 1500V system voltages
  • High humidity resistance
  • High UV protection
  • Green product that can be fully recycled
  • Suitable for different module technologies: Crystalline, PERC, Bifacial, Thin-film, Semi-flexible
The PIXON Backsheets are suitable for varying harsh climates, offering best protection from UV, thermal, moisture, mechanical and chemical stress. Thus, provide critical, long-life protection of about 25 years to the solar modules life.

Pixon Backsheet Types:

  • System-Voltage Types : 1000VDC and 1500VDC
  • Polyester Based Backsheets – PET
  • Fluoropolymer Based Backsheets – PVDF, PVF


Certified insulation for 25 years

  • IEC, UL, TUV, JET, CPVT (partial discharge, system voltage)