Commercial & Industrial

Commercial & Industrial

Fostering environmental and climatic sustainability is the new Social Responsibility that corporates are imbibed to follow. Getting Carbon Neutral is the major goal for each and every growing and responsible corporate or industrial entity.

The promising and reduced energy costs has definitely attracted the global corporates and industrial units to opt for this sustainable step of Going Solar.

Pixon considers uber safe work practices in installation of the solar rooftop that can help reduce the carbon footprint and provide you considerable savings in each fiscal year.

What do you get ?

  • A shade at your roof that can produce electricity. Thus, converting your rooftop into an solar investment space.
  • Constant monitoring of your system for power generation and maintenance.
  • Tax benefits in form of rebates and instant monthly savings on your Electricity Bills.

A roof space is all you need to have a clean and green power generating plant.

Where can it be installed?

  • Airports. Railways. Parking Lots. Malls. Commercials Buildings. Factories. Industries. Petrol Pumps
  • Or be any of your commercial building. Pixon has all the solar business models that suit your need. Contact Today.