Work Culture

At PIXON, we value integrity, excellence, respect, inclusion, and collaboration. We celebrate individuals with subtle skills who can bring innovative ideas on board.

Collective Growth

We believe “Together we can build a better Future”, thus we appreciate team efforts. Plus, working in a group also gives every individual an opportunity to work on their personal growth.

Diversity & Inclusion

PIXON gives equal oppurtunities to every individual irrespective of their race, national origin, gender, age, or culture. In fact, we believe this diversity gives us a way to scale our impact as we grow.

Open Communication

At PIXON, everyone is welcome to share their inputs irrespective of their job position. We believe in flat hierarchy giving an opportunity to every individual to have real, open and direct communication, while still being empathetic.

Supporting Global Climate Sustainability

Looking at the global climate crisis our world is facing today, change is inevitable. We want people to adapt to a greener change. And, “Charity begins at Home” hence we practice sustainable regulation at our in-house office as well.

We spend most of the time of day at our office and hence, we at PIXON, try to make the workspace as much comfortable and homely as possible. We conduct employee engagement activities at regular intervals to keep our employees stress-free.