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PIXON EPC services ensure that you get the most out of your solar power plant. We are equipped to handle any scale of solar project from design creation to complete execution with precisely defined specifications.

With Solar, we convert your Rooftops into Smart Investments.

Utilize your land to generate profit through Solar.

A viable alternative to land-based solar plants.

PIXON ensures turnkey solutions and support till your power plant is completely installed, configured to be fully functional up to stabilization.

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Operation and Maintenance Services

PIXON’s Operations and Maintenance team assure that the installed Solar PV System runs smoothly and efficiently.

We have all of the essential technology to detect flaws and faults, ensuring that the system functions properly.

We also have cleaning regimens for modules that are based on the seasons. This eliminates the possibility of a drop in power generation at the power plant.

We recognize that good installation is the key to a solar power plant's optimal output generation, thus our operations and maintenance are never a mess. With our renowned services, the quality of the products used and the generation output over time is obvious.

EPC Solution

PIXON is a renowned EPC solutions provider of India. We have a specialized team that strategizes the installation of solar solutions and have extensive experience of offering Solar Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) services to clients across the country. Our team ensures that via the EPC services we help you to get the best generation from your solar power plant.

We offer end-to-end solar services, including planning, designing the solar solution, equipment procurement, project management, quality check and much more. PIXON is one of the best solar EPC company in India because we offer full-service processes such as planning, design, material procurement, construction, and handover.

Our experts manage the complete project management eco-system in the cycle of EPC services. Our EPC services include:

E – (Engineering)

PIXON’s experienced team understands client’s requirement, surveys the sites, checks location, determines the capacity of power generation etc. Firstly, we spearhead the engineering design along with 3D modeling of the proposed solar power plant.

P (Procurement)

Our team procures all the best-certified equipment’s for the solar plant.

C (Construction)

We accurately mount the solar panels, accessories, and all the other parts of the solar plant to empower you make the most of the solar energy!

Our general process flow includes:

  • Defining the exact project requirements
  • Detailed engineering design
  • System Design
  • Thorough site installation and commissioning by our EPC professionals
  • Material procurement and inspection
  • Installation planning
  • Regulatory requirements

Rooftop Solar Solutions

PIXON, a trusted EPC solutions provider offers top-notch solutions and services to transform your rooftops into smart investments.

Ground Mounted Solar Solutions

We can help you get maximum profits from your land by empowering you make the most of the benefits of solar.

Floating Solar Solutions

PIXON can also help clients with feasible alternatives to land-based solar plants.

Reasons to partner with PIXON, the best solar EPC company in India:

  • You can rely on our professionals completely because we take complete charge of the EPC project.
  • PIXON ensures turnkey solutions and support till your power plant is completely installed.
  • We make sure that the plants are completed configured to be fully functional up to stabilization.
  • We aim to have a deep and lasting relationships with our clients by offering them the best possible EPC solutions and services as per their needs and expectations.
  • PIXON is known for its high-quality products and services.
  • We use cutting-edge, world-class technology and latest methods for EPC services.
  • Our team has extensive experience in offering efficient and cost-effective engineering solutions.
  • Our team offers the utmost flexibility and scalability.
  • We aim to fulfill to solve the problems of our clients by understanding their requirements.
  • Being a reliable EPC solutions provider, we use the latest quality methods to frequently assess the quality of our products.
  • We can also offer customized services and products to our clients.
  • Our in-house team of experts specializes in handling site-specific design, construction, execution and installation of the overall solar systems.

Operation and Maintenance Services

  • PIXON has a fully trained Operations and Maintenance team that ensures that the installed Solar PV systems operate flawlessly and efficiently.
  • Our team uses the latest technology and cutting-edge methods to identify the possible flaws and faults in the systems. Also, we take immediate measures to rectify the problems.
  • The aim of our team is to ensure that the solar panels operate properly.
  • PIXON has specifically designed cleaning regimens for modules as per the seasons. This reduces the possibility of a reduction in the power generation at the solar plant.

PIXON believes that good installation is pivotal to a solar power plant's optimal output generation. Therefore, we provide highly efficient operations and maintenance services to our clients. We use certified products and methods to make and maintain the products. All our clients get maximum benefits from the power systems managed by our team.