Solar EVA Film Manufacturers


PIXON has a bandwidth capacity of up to 1 GW, for the manufacturing of EVA films. EVA Films are conformable and flexible for ease of lamination with excellent UV and damp-heat stability. Our EVA films are PID-resistant with lower shrinkage and provide excellent durability and transparency. PIXON EVA sheets goes through rigorous quality testing and verification.

PIXON, one of the topmost solar EVA film manufacturers makes highly robust films for long-lasting and efficient performance of the solar modules. PIXON has 1 GW turnkey manufacturing capacity for EVA films. With higher productivity and lower shrinkages, our EVA films ensure that the solar cells are protected and solar modules provide better performance even while facing utmost harsh weather conditions. EVA films are also preferred because of their ease of lamination.

Our PID-free solar EVA films are perfect for all types solar cells. They are also used extensively for the back sheets with lesser cycling time which amplifies the module production to boost the yield.

PIXON’s EVA film product range includes

  • Fast Cure
  • Ultra-Fast Cure

Key features of films manufactured by PIXON, one of the best solar EVA film manufacturers

  • Solar EVA films are highly durable and reliable
  • They are a solid form of encapsulant
  • PIXON’s solar EVA films have high tensile strength
  • They are used extensively because of the excellent adhesion properties
  • Solar EVA films are exceptionally transparent
  • EVA films are manufactured from good quality co-polymer resin
  • Solar EVA films hardly turn yellowish under UV light.
  • Excellent PID Resistance
  • Superb Snail Trail Resistance
  • Remarkable Light Transmittance
  • Conformable and flexible for ease of lamination
  • Excellent UV and damp-heat resistant
  • Very low shrinkage rate
  • Durable bonding strength with both glass and backsheet
  • High light transmission
  • PID-free films

Applications of our EVA films

  • EVA Films - Crystalline Solar Modules (PERC)
  • POE – Bifacial Solar Modules

Why Choose Solar EVA films from PIXON

  • Experts at PIXON use the latest technology and cutting-edge methods to make the best possible solar EVA films.
  • We use certified and tested raw materials to manufacture the EVA films.
  • EVA films prevent the external conditions to have an impact on the efficiency of the solar cell sheet.
  • Solar EVA films, manufactured by PIXON, one of the trusted solar EVA film manufacturers improves the light transmission of the solar cell module.
  • EVA has better water absorption capabilities.
  • PIXON offers solar EVA films at reasonable prices. We believe in making sure that our clients get the best return on their investment.

Please feel free to contact us to know more about our solar EVA films and much more.