EVA Films

EVA Films

For Long-lasting and efficient performance of Solar Modules.

This is ultimate goal for any solar module manufacturer, that is achieved by using high quality raw materials.

Encapsulents play a key role in it. EVA encapsulants, that is, Ethylene Vinyl Acetate films are used to laminate both the sides of the stringed solar cells. This protects the cells from jerks and shocks. Moreover, it prevents oxidation of cells while generating the electricity.

Why EVA Encapsulents are used?

  • Keeps out moisture and other gases
  • Provides electrical and optical tramission
  • Aid longetivity and PID resistantcharacterisitic of modules

The major highlights of PIXON EVA Films are:

  • Conformable and flexible for ease of lamination (IMAGE: suitable for single stage and multi-stage lamination processes )
  • Durable bonding strength with both glass and backsheet
  • Excellent UV and damp-heat stability
  • Very low shrinkage rate
  • High light transmission
  • Suitable for crystalline, PERC and thin-film PV modules
The PIXON EVA films ensure that the solar cells are protected and solar modules provide better performance even while facing utmost harsh weather conditions. The modules are devoid of major corrosion and delamination.


  • Fast Cure (cycle time : 14 mins)
    a. Front side sheet, b. Back side sheet
  • Ultra Fast Cure (cycle time : 10 mins)
  • White EVA (Replacement for Backsheet)
  • POE (Used for Glass to Glass Modules)


  • TUV Certification
  • UL Certification
  • ERDA Test Certification