Find a Solar Installer (1 week – 1 month)

By : pixon October 6, 2020

Finding a solar installer – the prime step is akin to deciding which automobile dealer you would like to buy the car from, based on the aforementioned example.

What do they do?

Solar installers are people who provide EPC services to set up solar power over your rooftop and deal with all the documents and processes involved. They shall investigate your house-roof location, the angle, and unit consumption pattern based on your previous electricity bills of the house. They shall help you decide the capacity of the solar setup your house shall need based on all electrical appliances used and provide an estimated cost.

What you get to know from it?

The first thing you get the clarity on, is the prime factor - if your location is fit for going solar or not? The other steps won’t be a concern if this fails to pass. You get to know the installation capacity to be put up on your rooftop with an estimated quote. You get clarity on the solar setup charges and other additional charges of installation and labour.

It is always good to take a viewpoint of multiple vendors, and come to a conclusion. This entire process of setting up visits and getting reviews might take you a week or even a month. It depends on vendors’ and your time availability and your choice of installer. Any referrals from friends, family or neighbours can be time savvy and cherry on the cake.