Floating Solar Solutions

Floating solar solutions can be installed on lakes, ponds, reservoirs, lagoons.

Floating Solar Solutions

When it comes to installing a large-scale solar project, the most common choice people make is either rooftop solar or a ground-mounted solar system. But there is one more feasible alternative we can choose to invest in which is, floating solar system.

Floating solar solutions can be installed on lakes, ponds, reservoirs, lagoons, etc. By choosing this type of solar installation, you make use of a still water body. Floating solar system generates extra power as compared to ground-mounted solar systems. There are various other benefits of floating solar systems, one of which is the conservation of water. Thus, water conservation and energy generation go hand in hand.

Solar panels are installed on lakes, ponds, reservoirs, lagoons, and other bodies of water, which are abundant in most nations. This eliminates the need for large tracts of land. PIXON’s floating solar solutions can be installed on unused areas of water. They convert unused areas into profitable generators of solar energy.

PIXON assists you in maximizing the energy-generating potential of floating solar technology in your specific geographic area. Because of the numerous advantages they provide, floating solar systems are rapidly gaining popularity. Floating solar systems are proving to be a viable alternative to rooftop solar systems and ground-mounted solar solutions for large-scale solar projects. Floating solar solutions also function independently, making them a smart choice if you want to benefit from a long-term source of clean energy.

Benefits of PIXON’s floating solar solutions

  • Floating solar solutions can be mounted on platforms that float on lakes, ponds, and other water bodies. It is a great way to make the most of the still water bodies.
  • These solar solutions generate more power compared to some of the other varieties of solar solutions.
  • Apart from helping to generate power, floating solar systems can also play a pivotal role in the conservation of water. Therefore, by installing PIXON’s floating solar solutions, you can reap the benefits of both energy generation and water conservation.

One of the most significant advantages of installing floating solar systems is that they contribute to environmental protection. Conservation of critical land space can be implemented by mounting the floating systems.

Key features of PIXON’s floating solar solutions

  • Solar modules are humid resistant
  • Solar solutions are strong and reliable
  • They are dustproof and lead-free.
  • Floating solutions can generate clean energy
  • They are cost-effective.
  • Floating solar systems contain the latest features

PIXON can provide clients with bespoke solar solutions. Our experts can assist you with all aspects of the solar installation process.

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