Floating Solar Solutions

When it comes to installing a large scale solar project, the most common choice people make is either rooftop solar or ground mounted solar system. But there is one more feasible alternative we can choose to invest in which is, floating solar system. Floating solar solutions can be installed on lakes, ponds, reservoirs, lagoons, etc.

By choosing this type of solar installation, you make use of a still water body. Floating solar system generates extra power as compared to ground mounted solar systems. There are various other benefits of floating solar systems, one of which is conservation of water. As the modules shield the upper layer of the water body, the evaporation rate decreases. Thus, water conservation and energy generation go hand in hand. Plus you save big on the cost of land that you otherwise would have required. Moreover, the cost of floating solar installation is also comparatively lesser.

Our dedicated EPC team works as per the client’s requirements to help achieve their desired solar solution.