Ground Mounted Solar System

A ground mounted solar system is also easy and cost effective.

Ground Mounted Solar Solutions

A ground mounted solar system is also easy and cost effective. There are various benefits to a ground mounted system, one of which is they can be placed anywhere, be it in a yard or a field. There are two types of ground mounted installation, one is when the solar modules are installed at a fixed angle. Another one is tracker installation. In this type of installation, multiple solar modules are fixed on a single elevated pole. These poles tilt automatically to capture optimum sunlight.

PIXON offers EPC solutions starting from small to large utility scale ground mounted solar solutions. Our highly skilled team ensures the completion of each project from site inspection to installation to commissioning as well as providing O&M for the complete lifespan of the project.

Commercial & Industrial

Installing ground-mounted solar solutions for your commercial area will serve as a clean and renewable source of energy.

Apart from generating electricity, by investing in ground-mounted solar systems, you can also attain AD benefits (accelerated depreciation). Certainly, a solar solution can pay you over 25% IRR along with payback within 3 to 5 years. Our team at PIXON will empower you get maximum advantage from your solar solutions. We will cater to all your specific requirements related to solar installation.

Commercial & Industrial
Solar Farm

Solar Farm

Want to generate revenue from clean and green energy? Build a solar-powered farm by installing ground-mounted solar solutions. PIXON is a renowned EPC solution supplier. Our team of professionals can help you choose the best investment option for your solar project.

We also offer third party (at a discount to grid electricity tariff) and group captive solutions to the clients looking for minimum investment.

Solar Park

India is a pioneer in ultra-mega solar parks. India has some of the largest solar parks in the world. MNRE launched the “Development of Solar Parks and Ultra Mega Solar Power Projects” scheme to address the concerns related to electricity. This scheme simplifies the process of setting up the solar park.

PIXON offers end-to-end solar solutions. We can also guide you through the banking and funding processes. Our team has the necessary skills to assist you in the maintenance of giant solar farms. Feel free to reach out to us to know more about the solar solutions.

Solar Park

PIXON designs and commissions high-efficiency ground-mounted solar system that provides a number of advantages in terms of clean energy generation from a renewable resource.

Ground-mounted solar system can be installed in two ways:-

The solar modules are put at a fixed angle in one way, and The tracker installation in the other to capture the most sunlight, the poles automatically incline in this process. PIXON offers cutting-edge small to large utility-scale ground-mounted solar solutions. We have an experienced and skilled team that ensures the completion of each project from site inspection to installation. We also handle maintenance for the solar project's entire lifecycle.

Key features of our ground-mounted solar solutions

  • Best in class Solar Modules with a mechanical Load of 5400 Pa
  • Best in class Solar Modules with wind Load of 2400 Pa
  • Can withstand high snow and wind loads
  • Higher Power Tolerance
  • Delivers true to the design stipulation
  • High Voltage testing on every module
  • The module delivers stipulated power in extremes of weather conditions.
  • PID-free (Potential Induced Degradation) Solar Modules
  • More efficient with minimal degradation due to proper insulation.
  • 100% EL Tested (both at Prelamination and Final QC)
  • Ensures more power performance and zero cell breakage.
  • Tested in AAA sun simulators
  • Provides for spectral match(A+), spatial uniformity(A+) and temporal stability(A++)