Ground Mounted Solar Solutions

A ground mounted solar system is also easy and cost effective. There are various benefits to a ground mounted system, one of which is they can be placed anywhere, be it in a yard or a field. There are two types of ground mounted installation, one is when the solar modules are installed at a fixed angle. Another one is tracker installation. In this type of installation, multiple solar modules are fixed on a single elevated pole. These poles tilt automatically to capture optimum sunlight.

PIXON offers EPC solutions starting from small to large utility scale ground mounted solar solutions. Our highly skilled team ensures the completion of each project from site inspection to installation to commissioning as well as providing O&M for the complete lifespan of the project.

Commercial & Industrial

If you have extra land, you can double your solar generation by installing ground mounted solar along with rooftop solar. A ground mounted solar system will work as a clean and renewable source of electricity for your organization.

By investing in ground mounted solar solutions, you can generate your own electricity as well as get AD benefits (accelerated depreciation). Generally, a solar system would pay you an IRR above 25% and payback within 3 to 5 years. PIXON will work on all your requirements for solar installation, so you can focus on your core business.

Solar Farm

Utilizing your land to build a solar farm can be a great deal to generate revenue from a clean and green energy. We provide EPC solution as well as assistance in choosing the right investment model for your solar project.

We also offer third party (at a discount to grid electricity tariff) and group captive solutions to the consumers looking for minimum investment.

Solar Park

India pioneers the concept of ultra mega solar parks ranking among the top 10 solar parks in the world. To address the country’s need for electricity, MNRE has launched “Development of Solar Parks and Ultra Mega Solar Power Projects” scheme to ease the process of setting up solar parks.

We offer end-to-end solar solutions to all the power consumers to set up the large-scale utility projects. Our dedicated team will assist you through the banking and funding procedures. Additionally, PIXON also offers maintenance services for mega solar parks.