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How Many Solar Panels Do You Need?


Every home is a different story. The number of appliances used differs in every household. Although, the simplest answer to the question goes as easy as a YES. There are numerous other factors that need to be considered. Take a quick look:

Calculate Your Electric Consumption

To know how much solar power you require, it is a must to ascertain your current consumption. On an average, an electrified Indian residence consumes 250-270 (units) kWh/month. To find out your monthly consumption, take a look at your electricity bills. Now divide this amount by 30 and later by 24 to find out your hourly power requirement.

This is the amount of energy that you want to generate through Solar panels if you want to operate entirely on Solar.

Calculate the Size of the Solar System You’ll Require

The next step is to discover the duration of sunlight you receive on your roof. If you live at a location that encounters more hours of peak sunlight, you will need smaller size system. Divide your monthly consumption by the average hours of sunlight you receive every day multiplied by 30 to get the monthly sunlight hours. The final number is the size of system you require. Moreover, you must always consider a 25% flux as solar energy generation depends upon the sun fully and as a result, it can fluctuate as per the weather.

Let's take an example for a house that requires 400 units/month and gets 5 hours of sunlight every day.

400 / (5*30) = 2.6 kW solar system

Calculate the Number of Panels You'll Require

Solar panels come in a varied range from 100 watts to 400 watts. There are multiple varieties of solar modules based on quality and efficiency. Your main concern before buying solar modules should be the efficiency of solar modules that you invest in. Now, the number of panels you require can be calculated by dividing the production of energy by your solar system by the wattage of the panel you want to select. Multiply the size of your system by 1000 to convert it into watts.

Let us take our previous example again and say we chose a panel with a capacity of 200 watts;(2.6*1000) / 200 = 13 panels

This gives you the number of panels you require under the standard terms. But there are various other factors that affect the efficiency of the panels such as the direction they are placed in, space at your rooftop, the circulation of wind and rest. Do not stress out! We are here to your rescue. Pixon provides EPC services that determines the needs and setup requirements taking into consideration the space available on your property, strength of your roof, and other geographical and electrical aspects.

To save you from all these efforts, we offer a solar calculatorwhich helps you to figure out which system is the most beneficial for you to install and gives you a brief cost estimation too.

Yet, if you are a bit baffled, you can always invest in a battery to store the extra energy or choose an on-grid solar system. Anyhow, going solar is the best alternative to other conventional energies.