An institution breathes and lives on its own.

And with Solar Technology, an institution can generate its own electricity power and get economic benefits as well.

Any form of institution portrays art, displays society and nurtures education. Let your institution be an example to adopt the clean and green solar power plant.

What do you get ?

  • A clean and green solar power plant that can produce electricity. Thus, converting your rooftop into a solar investment space. And preach students and society to opt for sustainable energy solutions.
  • Constant monitoring of your system for power generation and maintenance.
  • Tax benefits in form of rebates and abated surging costs of Electricity Bills.
  • Set an example for the society, the citizens and the students by Going Solar.

Where can it be installed?

  • Schools. Colleges. Institutes. Academies. Auditoriums. NGOs. NPOs.
  • Or be any other Institutional Organisation you belong to. PIXON has all the service and solutions in packages that suites your need.