Solar Modules


144 Cells

Maximum Power Output - 550 Wp

  •     Module Power Range: 510-550 Wp
  •     Efficiency upto 21.29 %
  •     Power Tolerance: +4.99Wp

Elevating Solar Efficiency with Glass-to-Backsheet PV Modules

Glass-to-Backsheet Photovoltaic (PV) modules, represented by the PIX MPH 144 Mono Perc Half-Cut NDCR model, stand as a pinnacle in solar technology, seamlessly merging cutting-edge design with high efficiency. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the unique features, operational principles, advantages, and versatile applications of these advanced modules, highlighting their pivotal role in optimizing solar energy production.

Understanding Glass-to-Backsheet PV Modules

Glass-to-Backsheet modules integrate solar cells between tempered glass and a white backsheet, embodying a design that maximizes efficiency and durability. The PIX MPH 144 Mono Perc Half-Cut NDCR model showcases innovative technology, providing exceptional performance in solar energy conversion.

Working Principle

The operational principle involves harnessing sunlight through the tempered glass and initiating the photovoltaic process within the mono perc half-cut cells. This design enhances efficiency by minimizing energy losses and maximizing power output, making the module a reliable source of clean energy.

Advantages of Glass-to-Backsheet PV Modules

(a). High Energy Conversion Efficiency: The mono perc half-cut cells, coupled with the glass-to-backsheet design, result in an impressive energy conversion efficiency of 21.29%, ensuring optimal power generation.

(b). Enhanced Durability: The tempered glass and robust backsheet construction provide durability and protection against environmental factors, contributing to the long-term reliability of the solar module.

(c). Adaptable Design: The PIX MPH 144 Mono Perc Half-Cut NDCR model is versatile, suitable for various applications and installations, from residential rooftops to large-scale solar farms.


The PIX MPH 144 Mono Perc Half-Cut NDCR model finds applications across different sectors:

(a). Residential Rooftop Installations: Ideal for homeowners seeking a high-performance and durable solar solution for their homes.

(b). Commercial and Industrial Projects: Suited for large-scale solar installations, contributing to the energy needs of businesses and industries with efficiency and reliability.

(c). Solar Farms: Glass-to-Backsheet PV Modules excel in large solar farms, where energy conversion efficiency and durability are paramount.

Performance Specifications

Power Output: 550 watts

Voltage Range: 510-550 volts

Efficiency: 21.29%

Current: 4.99 amperes

Maintenance and Care

Regular maintenance, including cleaning the tempered glass and backsheet, is essential to ensure sustained efficiency and longevity of Glass-to-Backsheet PV Modules - PIX MPH 144 Mono Perc Half-Cut NDCR.


Glass-to-Backsheet PV Modules, particularly the PIX MPH 144 Mono Perc Half-Cut NDCR model, symbolize the forefront of solar efficiency and reliability. Their high energy conversion efficiency, durability, and versatile applications make them an ideal choice for individuals, businesses, and solar projects of varying scales. As the world embraces cleaner energy sources, these modules contribute significantly to a sustainable and efficient solar landscape, powering a greener and more environmentally conscious future.

Product Features

Cutting edge Cell Splitting Technology

Enhanced Absorption

Flexible Application

High Power Density

Low Light Performance

Sustainable Production Process