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About Us

Polycrystalline Full Cell PV Module (NDCR)

Polycrystalline Full Cell PV Module (Non-DCR) are advanced solar PV modules that efficiently convert solar energy into electrical power. They are a significant advancement in harnessing solar energy, offering a reliable and sustainable solution for energy needs across various applications. The Non-DCR feature ensures a wider scope of use, making them a preferred choice for many seeking clean and efficient energy solutions.

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Poly-Crystalline DCR PV Module (DCR)

Polycrystalline DCR PV Modules (DCR) are specialized solar PV modules designed to optimize the conversion of solar energy into electricity. These modules are specifically crafted to meet the Domestic Content Requirement (DCR) criteria, promoting local manufacturing and contributing to the growth of solar energy infrastructure within the country. Their robust design and advanced technology make them an excellent choice for harnessing solar energy effectively and reliably.

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Poly-Crystalline Half-Cut Cell PV Modules

Poly-Crystalline Half-Cut Cell PV Modules are innovative solar PV modules that enhance solar energy absorption and conversion. The half-cut cell technology significantly boosts the module's efficiency, ensuring a higher and more consistent energy yield. This advancement in solar technology is a step forward in making solar energy a more accessible and reliable source of power for various applications, contributing to a sustainable and eco-friendly future.

Key features of the polycrystalline solar Modules

Safe to use

Faster ROI


Cost Effective

Low BOS cost

Budget Friendly