Pulling-Up Solar Switch (2 weeks – 2 months)

By : pixon October 6, 2020

After all the setup is ready-to-use, there comes a county inspection step in between you pulling-up your solar switch to go solar.

What do they do?

A government engineer or electrician comes for final inspection of all the wiring done with respect to your solar setup and the utility grid. Your installer shall do the scheduling and paper work for the same.

What you get to know from it?

All the installation and wiring do meet the pre-set permit standards and safety measures. Your time investment, and execution process turns out to be successful. All the patience was worth the wait.

The time this phase depends on the type of solar power installation you’ve opted for. If it’s off-grid, as in, off the electricity grid, you can pull-up your solar setup after proper wiring check. But if your setup is hybrid or on-grid, that is, if it has an electricity grid associated, the engineer inspection and permit is must and shall take time based on your locality and county. It can range from a few days to a few weeks depending on the queue.

It is advisable to initiate your solar installation process in off-season time, that is, mostly winters to avoid the permit queue or delay from service-provider’s end.