Technology itself has no agency; it is the choices people make about it that shape the world.

And the people have finally understood the need of the hour – The Solar Energy Revolution.

All the crude resources are exhaustible and its combustion to produce electricity is harmful to the nature. Thanks to the Solar Technology that we can utilise abundant source of energy to generate electricity without creating pollution.

As the people are adopting this Solar Tech at pacing rate, it is predicted that 50 % of the world’s electricity would be produced by Solar.

What do you get ?

  • A shade at your roof that can produce electricity.
  • An app that tracks your solar setup generation every day and each month.
  • Instant monthly savings as your Electricity Bill goes ZERO.
  • And if you live in Flats, Buildings or Apartments…!
  • You can still Go Solar to zero down your common amenities bills and get relief ongeneralmaintenance expenses.
  • So, explore our variety of options for Residential Rooftop Solar today and GO SOLAR!
  • Join the league of global environment contributor.
  • Get something extra in your pocket every month.