Rooftop Solar Solutions

Solar solutions are a hot topic when it comes to cutting down costs on your electricity bills! But there’s a lot more to it. Installing solar, does not just benefit you but it also helps the world we live in!

Investing in rooftop solar solutions is one of the great ways to make use of your vacant roof. The government has also taken several initiatives to promote solar electricity. These include subsidy for residential and several schemes for MSMEs. You can monetize your roof and expect an ROI within 3-5 years depending upon your premise (residential, commercial, etc).

PIXON can help you earn money through your idle roof. Our in-house design and development team will analyse your requirements and offer you suitable and customized solar solutions for your roof. Starting from roof analysis to equipment selection to installation, PIXON will be with you at every step!


We make your shift to solar power effortless! By choosing solar electricity for your home, you can save a lot on your electricity bills. You also get benefit of subsidy for residential rooftop proposed by the government, depending upon your location. Other than the monetary benefits, you also adapt to a greener and sustainable lifestyle.

If you live in flats, buildings, apartments or housing societies, you can still go solar and reduce your common electricity bills. PIXON has a feasible solution for all!

Commercial & Industrial

Businesses and offices can also choose a sustainable solution for their electricity requirements. By investing in solar rooftop, you reduce your company’s carbon emissions and showcase your concern for the global climate change. It also represents your firm’s goodwill and environmental responsibility. There are various financial incentives offered by the government that aid you in funding for the solar project. You also get tax benefits and monthly savings on your electricity bills.

PIXON offers rooftop solar solutions for Steel industries, Ceramic industries, Manufacturing units, Factories, Petrol pumps, Parking lots, Malls, Commercial buildings, Airports, or any other industrial premises.


An institution breathes and lives on its own. With Solar Technology, an institution can generate its own electric power and get economic benefits as well. Any form of institution portrays art, displays society and nurtures education. When you choose solar power, you also commit to carbon neutrality. Let your institution be an example to adopt the clean and green solar power plant.

We help install solar rooftop at Schools, Colleges, Institutes, Academies, Auditoriums, NGOs, NPOs, or any other Institutional Organisation.