Solar Panel Manufacturers in India

Solar Panel Manufacturers in India

PIXON has an qualified team with ample of experience in manufacturing the latest solar products in India. The solar panels convert sunlight to DC power. Solar solutions work as a banking system with the grid where the extra electricity generated during the day is credited or sent on the grid.

We have a cutting-edge turnkey manufacturing facility of 400 MW capacity. Our team at PIXON, one of the best in class solar panel manufacturers in India crafts top-notch solar panels in our automatic turnkey-class production unit. PIXON’s scope involves both forward integration and reverse engineering of the solar panels for industries, solar panels for residential projects, other solar products and the manufacturing processes. PIXON also offers EPC solution services.

PIXON’s Efficient Solar Panels:

Solar panels help to generate clean energy. Solar energy is the most prominent renewable energy on the planet. It can fulfill your energy needs in a sustainable manner. We make solar panels using the latest machinery. Our team can guide the clients to adopt solar solutions in a manner that benefits them the most.

Key Applications of Solar Panel in India:

Solar products in India have various applications, both commercial and residential.

Solar Panels for Residential Projects

PIXON is one of the top companies that make good quality solar panels for residential projects. Our clients can choose solar electricity for their homes by opting for rooftop solar solutions. Solar solutions help companies save a lot on the electricity bills. Rooftop solar solutions can be installed on the apartments, housing complexes and much more.

Solar Products in India for Farms and Dairy Industry

Solar panels can also be used to generate electricity in the farms and dairy industry as well. They can be used for the process of sterilization, concentration, pressurization etc.

Solar Panels for Industries and Commercial Places

PIXON is one of the trusted solar panel manufacturers in India that makes efficient solar panels for generating power in the industries. The power can be used for making various products in the industries, like synthetic rubber, chemicals and much more. Solar panels can also be installed in textile, food and beverages, paper and plastic industries etc.

EPC Solar Solutions

We believe “Service is the Key”, hence, we back our clients at every stage of their pre and post sales journey.

  • Backend system design
  • Assistance for cost optimization
  • Online technical training
  • Assistance for net metering documents

Key Features

AR Coated Textured Glass

Traps light to allow high transmission ensuring more electricity flow from the module.

Anodized Aluminum Frame

The frame provides safety to modules and strength to structure with complete insulation.

Junction Box Potting Encapsulation

Provides for thermal & electrical insulation at the connecting cables.

MC4 Compatible Connectors

Highly reliable and compatible with most of the Junction boxes.

RFID-tagged electrical data for each module

Collects data electronically on the field as per the government norms.

Compatible with renowned inverters

Flexibility and convenience in inverter selection.

Earthing Provision in short-frame

Reduces earthing cable requirements and costing.

Class A Backsheets(PVDF) & EVA Films

Provides module insulation & UV protection respectively.

Tracking System Provisions

Suitable for wide range of automatic tracking system.

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