Solar energy does not work like any other conventional mode of energy. The renewable energy has a certain pattern that makes it unique. Firstly, it completely relies upon the Sun which makes it a clean and green option. But, it also becomes a crucial deciding factor as you get limited hours for energy generation. Secondly, you’ll need to calculate the amount of energy you consume. With this, you get a cost estimation for your solar project. And finally, you need to run a check on your roof suitability and the weather in your location.

Installing solar panels can become a change in your lifestyle. It makes your house sustainable and going 100% solar makes you independent for your energy needs. Plus, it can reduce your electricity bills. Plus, in the past decade, the prices of solar have declined at a huge rate between 2013 and 2021, solar panel prices have fallen 71%. On top of it, the government is also offering various incentives to promote this renewable source of energy for a greener environment.

To run your home completely on Solar is absolutely possible but the challenges vary in different households. Every house has different number of appliances as well as different usages. If you have an AC, TV as well as you cook your food in the oven, your energy consumption would be more and hence, you’ll need more solar system capacity. But this does not mean you’ll require another source of electricity. To ease your process, you need to calculate your energy requirement through monthly bills to determine your goal. Pixon offers you an easy way to calculate your solar requirements through Pixon Solar Calculator.

Cut down your usage

It is obvious, you’ll need to generate as much power as you use. So to lessen your cost of solar, you can trim your usage. You can use energy efficient appliances like investing in LED lights instead of conventional bulbs. Whenever you buy a new appliance make sure you get energy efficient appliances. Put full loads in your washers. You can dry your clothes out in the sun in summer. Even small habits like turning off unnecessary lights or plugging out devices when not in use reflect in your electricity bill.

Increase the efficiency of your panels

The first choice you make is to invest in a more efficient panel. There are various types of panels such as Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline and others. Their efficiency and prices change accordingly. The next thing to focus on is the direction and the spot you place panels in. Your panels must not be under any shade. Ironically, high temperatures can also lower the efficiency. To avoid this, there must be sufficient gap for air transition which will keep off overheating of the panels. Plus, you can also clean the solar panels over a course of time as dust and dirt affect the efficiency too.

But, hey it is not necessary!

You can also rely on solar batteries or inverters for your electric consumption. The net metering concept helps you save a lot on your electricity bill even if you cannot go 100% solar. You can start with investing in Solar and focus on increasing its efficiency step by step. Perhaps, get an on-grid connection! Either way you’re also doing social good. Going solar has health as well as environmental benefits.

It is okay if you cannot fully rely on solar energy but even if you cover 70% of your electricity needs, you will contribute some part to a greener environment.

Pixon takes care of all these factors to help you achieve maximum power and efficiency through solar panels. We also provide O&M services. Reach us out to get the best technical solution for your solar needs.