After the site has been assessed by your Solar Service provider, an expert engineer is supposed to visit your site to get into the details and provide the installation assurance and safety measures.

What do they do?

The Engineer would’ve already considered the azimuth, direction of roof, shading on the roof and other future aspects that might affect the Solar Panel setup and its efficiency. The engineer also inspects the life and quality of your rooftop and whether it can withstand the solar setup in the long run of about 25-30 years. All minute details like shading factors, angles, increasing height and others are considered, to give a final design approval in compliance with long-term safety and efficiency.

What you get to know from it?

You get to know if your roof is strong and fit enough to go green with Solar Power installation. There is no point investing so much that it can be a trouble in the next few years for all.

This process can take about 1-2 weeks based on the engineer’s availability.