PIXON – a Marwadi Group Company into Solar panel manufacturing and solar EPC installation services is hosting Solar Gandhi – Dr. Chetan Singh Solanki.


Dr. Solanki is also known as the Solar Man of India. He has authored about 100+ research publications in international journals, several books on Solar and Renewable Energy and 4 US credited patents with a few more in review.

He has bagged several awards for his work. Starting his journey from a small village with no bus connectivity yet and a primary school with just 2 classrooms now, he studied in IIT-B and further in Europe to bag the title of Doctor. With knowledge across the globe, his roots are still intact to the struggles rural areas face. This is how his journey to contribute to society began. People joined and accolades followed.

Global & National Movements BY SOLAR GANDHI

Dr. Chetan led many environmental drives in the nation like: ‘Is winter fridge band kar’ He undertook a global movement – a solar yatra to 30 countries with the mission of providing 1 million students to make their own solar lamps. This agenda with a base of Gandhian principles tagged him the title of ‘Solar Gandhi’.

He has now taken a national movement on name of Energy Swaraj Yatra 2020-30. This is a 11-years stay-and-travel in a solar bus across the country to spread Solar Energy Awareness. The motto is also to promote the solar energy adoption in context of, “By Locals for Locals”.


PIXON bestows the name of MARWADI GROUP and the trust people lay upon it since past 27 years.

The PIXON company manufactures solar panels with state-of-the-art technology and turnkey machinery of 400 MW line capacity. The industry is spread across 65,000 sq. m of land and has EVA film (a raw material) manufacturing line as well.

The company is proud to tag ‘Make In India’ on the solar panels, while contributing to the Aatmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan and Youth Employment post the Covid-19 blues.

Vis-à-vis, PIXON provides Solar EPC and end-to-end installation solutions. In no time, PIXON has pioneered a lot of solar projects in Gujarat. With subsidies open in all the residential, commercial and industrial sectors, the company is penetrating into the market in leaps and bounds.

As the world adheres to the solar energy revolution, PIXON envisions to globally provide efficient solar energy products & solutions. Thus, contribute and enhance the Global Climate Sustainability.

PIXON with message of “Solar is the new Green!” shall host the ENERGY SWARAJ YATRA with the message to adopt solar and “By Locals For Locals”. The Solar Gandhi himself will visit the PIXON factory, to provide his valuable insights and good wishes to the Company & its enthusiastic team.

PIXON on National Mission

After major achievement of 173 GW of renewable energy before the set target of 2022, our honorable PM Modi aims big with 450 GW target by 2030. PIXON is on the national mission to support the PM in achieving this target and addressing the climate change in an integrated, comprehensive and holistic manner.

Residential Rooftop – Active Subsidy Scheme in Gujarat

The Gujarat Government under guidance of our CM Vijaybhai Rupani launched new Gujarat Solar Policy – The SURYA Gujarat, wherein the residential rooftop solar has no bars to maximum capacity installation. Thus, opening a channel for passive income via net-metering. The subsidy scheme is also active providing upto 40% benefits for residents. The motto is to reduce the unit rate and overall cost of electricity.