Residential Rooftop Solar: Installation Time & Process you need to know

Going Solar? Well-done! With one huge investment you are taking off your money from your electricity bills for almost 25 years or even more. You’ve raised your house valuation and contributed to the global climate sustainability.

Now begins the tedious process of getting the setup done. It will be a journey that can take a lot of parameter analysis and time investment, akin to that of buying a car. Just like you consider the car’s seating capacity, engineering features, salient features, maintenance and service charges, warranty period; you would’ve to invest your time and get through the parameter analysis of solar panels. Just like you go for test drives for different cars, and consider which fits your comfort as well as budget; you wouldn’t get test samples but would’ve to analyse your average unit consumption by reading the bill and put an x kW setup that suits your requirements and budget. The key is not to hush, but be patient; just like when we are to buy a car. After all, it is a huge amount with a significant percentage of ROI.

Find a Solar Installer (1 week – 1 month)

Finding a solar installer – the prime step is akin to deciding which automobile dealer you would like to buy the car from, based on the aforementioned example.

What do they do?

Solar installers are people who provide EPC services to set up solar power over your rooftop and deal with all the documents and processes involved. They shall investigate your house-roof location, the angle, and unit consumption pattern based on your previous electricity bills of the house. They shall help you decide the capacity of the solar setup your house shall need based on all electrical appliances used and provide an estimated cost.

What you get to know from it?

The first thing you get the clarity on is the prime factor – if your location is fit for going solar or not? The other steps won’t be a concern if this fails to pass. You get to know the installation capacity to be put up on your rooftop with an estimated quote. You get clarity on the solar setup charges and other additional charges of installation and labour.

It is always good to take a viewpoint of multiple vendors, and come to a conclusion. This entire process of setting up visits and getting reviews might take you a week or even a month. It depends on vendors’ and your time availability and your choice of installer. Any referrals from friends, family or neighbours can be time savvy and cherry on the cake.

Some installers like PIXON , that have their own manufacturing units for solar modules hold better expertise and provide handy insights for your solar PV system.

Engineering Site Assessment (1-2 weeks)

After the site has been assessed by your Solar Service provider, an expert engineer is supposed to visit your site to get into the details and provide the installation assurance and safety measures.

What do they do?

The Engineer would’ve already considered the azimuth, direction of roof, shading on the roof and other future aspects that might affect the Solar Panel setup and its efficiency. The engineer also inspects the life and quality of your rooftop and whether it can withstand the solar setup in the long run of about 25-30 years. All minute details like shading factors, angles, increasing height and others are considered, to give a final design approval in compliance with long-term safety and efficiency.

What you get to know from it?

You get to know if your roof is strong and fit enough to go green with Solar Power installation. There is no point investing so much that it can be a trouble in the next few years for all.

This process can take about 1-2 weeks based on the engineer’s availability.

Design Approval & Quotation Finalisation (1 day – 1 week)

Based on all engineering assessments; the solar panel installation plan, area on rooftop, height elation if any, and other design parameters are approved.

What do they do?

Based on the design, the installer shall be able to give a final quote. The varying charge section can be defined with tentative time the setup shall take to get installed. On approval, they provide for the list of documents you would have to submit for the entire process.

What you get to know from it?

You can get your final quote and schedule of the solar installation process. You can decide to stick to your service provider, negotiate or switch it based on your experience of the process.

This entire process takes in account the experience of both, the engineer and the solar installation vendor. Thus, it can take a day to one week for your design approval and quote finalisation process.

Pulling Government Permits & Incentives (1 week – 1 month)

Government has laid a lot of grants and tax benefits to foster the solar power installation setup. This helps them to combat import demands of fossil fuels and meet the rising electricity needs of the growing nation. Whichever country you are in the world, Solar is the sustainable and trending go-to-go solution. Moreover, you have to seek the government approval for the installation process.

What do they do?

Your installation service provider shall do this paper work for you. Based on your locality, you shall get access to available schemes and eligibility-based incentives.

What you get to know from it?

You get to know of your eligibility for government subsidies and schemes.

This might take a few days to a few months based on the government body and rapport the vendor holds with them.

Order Panels & Schedule Installations (1 day – 1 week)

Generally, the installers do keep relevant stock of PV panels that are used in rooftop solar. Unless, you’ve decided to adopt high-tech panels or some other variety or brand.

What do they do?

They shall order the panels, in case they don’t stock it or are out of stock. They also pull up sleeves to schedule installation timeline and bring in their electrician and non-electrician labour.

What you get to know from it?

You get to know when your setup panels and other equipment arrive.

If your panels are being imported from any other country, this can take even longer, say about a month. Otherwise, panels can arrive in a day or a week’s time.

Using PIXON modules can be a savage of time with its spacious and smart warehouses that keep the stock ready for instant delivery and dispatch. With manufacturing unit situated in Gujarat and dealers spreading across India, makes the company proceedings more feasible within your vicinity. Moreover, the PIXON modules are engineered with excellence, quality and high yield capacity.

Installation Process (1 day – 1 week)

Generally, the installers do keep relevant stock of PV panels that are used in rooftop solar. Unless, you’ve decided to adopt high-tech panels or some other variety or brand.

What do they do?

The Non- electrician labour looks after the roof alterations, altitude elevation, and other design parameters related to solar panel setup. The electrician labour shall carry out the wiring of the panels with DC-AC inverter, power- meter and or solar battery.

What you get to know from it?

Your time investment to go solar was worth it and you would be relieved to pay electricity bills for a few years.

It seems a lot of work but happens really quickly with the well-trained team. The total installation time for a standard 3-kilowatt solar system of about 20 solar panels is usually somewhere between 1 and 3 days.

Pulling-Up Solar Switch (2 weeks – 2 months)

After all the setup is ready-to-use, there comes a county inspection step in between you pulling-up your solar switch to go solar.

What do they do?

A government engineer or electrician comes for final inspection of all the wiring done with respect to your solar setup and the utility grid. Your installer shall do the scheduling and paper work for the same.

What you get to know from it?

All the installation and wiring do meet the pre-set permit standards and safety measures. Your time investment, and execution process turns out to be successful. All the patience was worth the wait.

The time this phase depends on the type of solar power installation you’ve opted for. If it’s off-grid, as in, off the electricity grid, you can pull-up your solar setup after proper wiring check. But if your setup is hybrid or on-grid, that is, if it has an electricity grid associated, the engineer inspection and permit is must and shall take time based on your locality and county. It can range from a few days to a few weeks depending on the queue.

It is advisable to initiate your solar installation process in off-season time, that is, mostly winters to avoid the permit queue or delay from service-provider’s end.

Summing up the Solar Installation Time Tread

The entire process might sound a big-deal and tiring mess to tackle with, but it is all worth your time and money. For it gives about 20-30% of ROI over a period of 25 years. The entire process may take a few weeks to a month if all the permits are passed quickly and the system is supportive. The real task lies in the service provider you zero-down to, for your solar power installation process. If that’s done well, the other things go pretty smoothly, without much of a time delay.