Utility Scale

The world is at the cusp of adopting renewable energies over conventional and exhaustible sources of energy.

Pixon helps government utilities and other commercial and industrial clients to set up their solar power plants in form of solar parks or commercial rooftops, to join the energy revolution.

We have different business models for investors with different needs. The key parameters considered are same that is the type of land, solar insolation it experiences and the climatic conditions of the selected land.

The team coordinates with various statutory departments for grants and approvals based on on-going policies and subsidy schemes. The PPA documentation and approval is also facilitated.

We also adhere to sell the electricity units to these entities and pre-set prices which aren’t subject to hikes, unlike the units generated from thermal power plants.

The Pixon team offers integrated service of project development, EPC and O&M which helps to ensure that solar power plants generate efficient output over time.