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Why Go Solar in this New Year 2021


The Covid-19 pandemic made people around the world to have their blues in 2020. Yet, it served as a blessing in disguise for it taught us to stop running in hustle and pause to reflect on self. The primary preaching was to plan and care for these three prospects of our living:

  • MONEY: you may need it anytime, anywhere and the lack of it may control you to a considerable extent.
  • ENVIRONMENT: nature’s serenity sets you calm. Keep minimal. If you can’t reuse it, refuse it.
  • BODY: it is your true partner for life. Health should be the first priority - from both physical and mental conscience.

Going Solar would help you implement these lessons in all the three aforementioned prospects. And here we refer to Solar as not the solar water heaters but the solar electricity generating PV systems.

Take a quick look on how going solar:

Saves Your Money

We all have certainly faced the hikes in our Electricity Bills due to increase in tariff rates and the coal prices. The pandemic put a lot of light on electricity bills and the hype created on it by the celebrities. In metro cities, the average tariff rate has touched Rs.9.00/unit. However, the average costing per solar unit is Rs.3.50. Thus, it is strongly recommended to opt for solar electricity if you live in an area with high tariff rates. With solar electricity, you can set your bills to ZERO from the first month of installation itself. Thus, it adds to your monthly savings, which can be invested in some financial scheme to reap more benefits.

Saves Your Environment

The global lockdown marked the improved air and water quality for several polluted cities of the world. For instance, Delhi’s air quality figures showed 50% improvement on the 4th day of the pandemic itself. The solar electricity is the CLEAN & GREEN electricity that generates power without any noise or combustion. It also does not require any continuous raw material inputs. A 1 kW of solar power saves: - 77kg coal from being burnt - 397 l of water consumption - 136 kg of CO2 from being released in the environment Thus, it effectively combats air, water and noise pollution. Going solar has helped industries also combat carbon emissions and thus gain and trade with their Carbon credits. Hence, adding an economical aspect to it.

Saves Your Body

The lockdown also marked maximum suicidal deaths. The mental health took the fore. The physical immunity building became a topmost priority. Made certain, the lack of money or even withdrawal (a medical condition) can trouble our minds. A polluted environment affects our body health causing diseases and other disorders. Usage of solar reduces pollution and contributes to improved air and water quality that would keep our body healthy intact. The additional monthly savings can also be a boon to mental health.

Summing up

The global lockdown of the pandemic 2020 did bring in light, the improved air and water quality around the world. Let us try to sustain this as we head towards 2021. Opting for solar electricity shall certainly save our environment, our money and thus improve our physical and mental being.To install your own power plant at your terrace and reap the aforementioned benefits: Go solar with PIXON. You can take free technical consultation from an expert. We are just a phone call away.